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7 Words: Mundane or Obscene? ing bola keng lalam ning tete. Most Filipinos who hear this think they are hearing a vulgar sentence with the presence of the words "" and "tete." But what this sentence actually means is nasapo ko yung bola sa ilalim ng tulay (I caught the ball under the bridge). This became the topic once in a smoking break in our office and we had a good laugh about it. So I thought of making a list of seemingly mundane words in some dialects but sound all sorts of wrong in Tagalog (or is it Filipino? Feel free to correct me o dear reader).

7 P0ta
Kapampangan translation: Later | Tagalog translation: Wh0re (usually used in cursing)
Mamaya VS Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman

When my my boyfriend, Deep Tissue Massage boy, first went to our house in Pampanga, he kept on hearing this word form my very young sisters. He was initially full of judgment as he thought I allowed my sisters to swear like pirates. Especially when my then 7 year-old sister said, "P0ta, p0ta, p0ta!" when asked if she wanted to eat.

6 Kabatiti
Ilocano translation: Spounge gourd (patola) | Tagalog translation: Kaba-pen!s
Patola VS Penis
Actually, just a part of this word seems obscene to the Filipino ear.  But aren't we are all like 9 year-old girls that giggle at any word that has the slightest semblance of being obscene?

5 Bay@g
Ilocano translation: Long time (tagal) | Tagalog translation: Test!cles
Tagal mo naman! VS Balls
Apparently, if an Ilocano tells you nagbay@g ka! It does not mean you whacked someone's balls. It means that this person was getting pretty mad at you for taking so long.

(Off topic: While I was researching about this word, I came across this funny question from the Yahoo!Answers page. I super like the genius answer from NONAME.)

4 Bulb0l
Ilonggo translation: Fine body hair or fur (balahibo) | Tagalog translation: Pub!c hair
Hairy Arms VS Carpet matching the drapes
So if your Ilonggo friend says, ang kapal naman ng bulb0l mo, it doesn't mean she is talking about the thickness of your hair down there.

3 Apu ke
Kapampangan translation: My grandparent | Tagalog translation: a-V@gina
Old man from Up VS Pussy
This literally means lolo/lola ko siya. Nothing more, nothing less.

2 Ut0ng
Ilocano translation: String beans (sitaw)| Tagalog translation: Nipp|e
A Bahay Kubo Vegetable VS Nipple

Ilocano folks do not mean anything bastos or lewd when they say ang sarap ng malutong mong ut0ng. They are merely complimenting your perfectly cooked string beans.

1 Puki-puki
Ilocano translation: Eggplant dish | Tagalog translation: V@gina-v@gina
Savory dish VS Pussy
Imagine my horror when my very demure-looking friend said in the office, gusto mong tikman yung puki-puki ko?
Words failed me.

Do YOU know of such words?


Vayie said...

umaygulay! lmao!!! damn!!! "ang kapal ng bulbol mo"!!! hahahahaha

Christia's World said...

hahaha mabalahibo lang pala... :p

Sumi Go said...

LOL.. XD Thank you so much for brightening my day with this post! I don't have anything to add to that list, but I'm still amused by how same-sounding words are so different in meaning kahit pare-parehong sa Pinas lang naman ang gamit.. :))

I'm used to hear what seems obscene in #6 though. 'Cause in Mandarin, little brother is dìdi("titi" when read). I don't think I'll ever get used to #4 and #2 though.. >.<

Anonymous said...

Oh God! I was shocked while reading the first sentence! HAHA. Some of us make fun or is ashamed of saying those Tagalog words, but not whenever translated in English. Ewan ko ba sa ating mga Pinoy.

Christia's World said...

@ sumi - sureness, no problem. Merry Xmas! :) ahaha, didi! :p
@clint - ikr, penis and vagina are ok, but when you go to the tagalog version, parang you are so taklesa.

Unknown said...

hahaha. pde pala to. ><

Lady Patchy said...

hahaha, super tawa naman ako sa"gusto mong tikman ang puki puki ko" i have an aunt from Tarlac so i'm familiar with their words and some ilocano friends.this post brightens my morning.for the people from tagalog area ,nakakahiya itong banggitin .thanks for the nice post

Chew On This said...

definitely share worthy ^_^

Christia's World said...

@wilbert - im thinking of changing some of the letters to numbers nga baka mablock ako or something...
@tatess - welcome glad you enjoyed :) im kapampangan so i am used to the "pota"
@chewonthis aww thanks, hope you pressed the FB or twitter button :)

Stef dela Cruz said...

Here's something Ilocano that people from Pangasinan will consider obscene: "Balbaleg a bao".

In Ilocano, it means "a big rat". In Pangasinan, it means "a big v@gina"! Imagine someone from Pangasinan (like myself) hearing Ilocanos screaming out when they see a big rat. *vein popping*

Nice post. Esp when I read the puki-puki part. Hehehe. :)

-- Stef's recommended post: Why Facebook is bad for your health

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