Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 7 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

In my previous blog post, I may have said that I am sortakindalike the Grinch around Christmas time. I want to clarify though that, expenses aside, I still heart Christmas (yes, I now <3 things as I am down with the kids). I may not have the same child-like wonder I used to have when this time of the year comes but I have my fair share of reasons why I love the Filipino Christmas.
Because a Filipino Christmas wouldn't be complete without the fake styrofoam "snoman"

7. Puto bumbong and bibingka time!
I lived in Pampanga for the better part of my life and every Christmas, "pisambang maragul" (literally translates to "the big church") would be lined with loads of street vendors selling their regular and special bibingka (rice cake) and puto bumbong (Note: Oh dear, help with the translation of this one in English. Puto is muffin? Bumbong is what? Should it be as is? Muffin bumbong? Cripes.)
Just thinking about this now is making my mouth water.
Although as a side note, when I was young, I was not a huge fan of puto bumbong because for me, they looked like purple p0opies.
But we are not p0opsicles. We are yummy and a bit salty. Mmm, taste us. Love, Puto bumbong (Photo from

6. Christmas baskets
Who doesn't love the odds and ends that you find inside Christmas baskets? My company used to give us gift baskets but that stopped so, sad times. The best employee Christmas basket for me should allow one to cook a mini-Noche Buena with it! Pile on some ham, wine, keso de bola (Edam cheese), spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, Spam, fruits, chocolates, nuts, cream, fruit cocktail and condensed milk and boy oh boy am I going to be a happy employee for the next year! And if the ham is Purefoods Fiesta? I will even throw in a bunch of overtime hours free for that.
The star of the Noche Buena. Just a peg below the megastar Ate Shawie. (Photo from and
5. Funny Santa hats
Don't you just love it when people, in an effort to decorate everything in preparation for Christmas, will put funny Santa Claus hats on everything? Cashiers in the groceries, busboys in restaurants, subdivision security guards will start wearing them around the 1st week of December. The guards in a prestigious subdivision even have sparkly hats that light at night. Talk about commitment in spreading Christmas joy. And of course, inanimate objects are also subjected to wearing Santa hats.
Because they can.

4. Christmas shopping
To clarify, I do NOT like the spending part, knowing that I am cutting a hole through my budget. But I LOVE the shopping part! Although I do my Christmas shopping late in November when it is less crowded though. Yes, I am such a girl.

3. Christmas nip in the air
Around December, the temperature is more tolerable here in the metro. Which is good because we can cut back on using our air conditioner. All we need to do is open our windows and brrrrr! In comes the December cool winds. Only problem is, once our windows open, the karaoke masters of Cainta grace our eardrums with their soulful renditions of Sana Ngayong Pasko or the ever popular videoke choice of all time, My Way.
Manong (Mister) belting his rendition of Nicki Minaj's Super Bass (Photo from

I too am a huge fan of karaoke, but man, they just do not stop! I mean c'mon, you must sleep some time, right? Or are they like call centers that have schedules to cover all shifts?

2. Slightly nicer
Even that scrunchy faced lady guard in our office that seems to be suspicious of everyone acts a whole lot better during this time of the year. Which is quite nice considering she is usually the first face I see in the morning at work. Now, it may be possible though that the reason why people are commonly nicer this time of the year is because of that childhood habit of having to good so you can get to Santa's nice list.

1. Love
There is just so much love during this time of the year. As we all prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who gave the ultimate display of love by dying for our sins, most of us consciously or unconsciously also end up giving love in different ways. I may not have been able to spend my last few Christmas with all the people I love but every year, I make sure I pray for them and hope that God sends them all the love in my heart through His way.
Yes folks, I am also capable of being all serious and sh!t in this blog, talking about love and family.
Though I don't think I can ever be emo.
I don't have an emo pic so I give you an emu. (

What do YOU <3 about Christmas?

P.S. In case this is my last blog post before Christmas....


Michi said...

i love bibingka and puto bungbong and this is also one of the reasons why i love christmas, isama na ang hamon. =)

i♥pinkc00kies said...

christmas is my fave too... and puto bumbong is also my fave! Ugh, im craving!!!

Christia's World said...

@michi - hahah, the star of the noche buena!
@pinkcookies - purple po0pies!

Sumi Go said...

One thing I think of when Christmas is near is Quezo de Bola.. XD My lil sis and I just love this. We can finish the whole thing in less than 2 days. We had to skip eating Quezo de Bola this year though as we puked our way to Christmas last year.. XD

I also love bibingka, but I'm not much into puto bumbong.. ^^ And with Christmas ham, I don't like seeing boxes and baskets of them at home. My mom overbuys these and we eat them from the first few days of December until the end of January.. >.< Take note, namigay pa siya sa family friends namin sa lagay na yun.. :))

Veronica said...

Gusto ko din yung almost everyone seems to be abit nicer around Christmas. Hehe.

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Christia's World said...

@sumi - Tell your mom that you can send your excess xmas hams here! lol
Maybe your mom has a super source where she can buy them cheap? Can you ask her? Haha:)
@bee - Will do!

Karla said...

Great list! :) I love puto bumbong as well. Too bad I can't receive a Christmas basket today though because I'm a homebased online worker. :(

What I love about Christmas is the Christmas spirit in the air. Like what you mentioned, I think people just become nicer during Christmas, hehe.

By the way, got your blog link from Girltalk. Nice site! Followed you on Google Friend Connect. :)

Christia's World said...

Thanks! Will check out your site today too!
Welcome to the world of no employer Christmas baskets! :p

Clint said...

I couldn't agree more! Those are some of the reasons why I love Christmas too. I got more!

Michi said...

star talaga ng noche buena ang hamon. =) sumi - pasabi din sa mom mo, pwede ipadala excess ham sa bahay. =)

Sionee - kindlehearts said...

I love Christmas, too! There are more things to love about Christmas aside from the 7 reasons here.. hehe Thanks for sharing this..Merry Christmas!! :)

Christia's World said...

@clint - what are your other reasons? :)
@michi - hahaha, tama, ayan sumi dalawa na kami :)
@sionee - merry merry merry!

Gil Camporazo said...

I go with Puto Bumbong and bibingka, Christmas shopping and love. Others I don't have the desire to indulge with. Puto bumbong and bibingka are local delicacies which are most liked by early Church goers before Christmas day. Christmas shopping is for new gifts and toys, foods and clothes. And love is Heavenly Father's great disposition for His spirit children who come short to the glory of God and become sinners. Thus, He sent His Only Begotten Son,Jesus Christ, to redeem them from their transgression.

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Sining Factory said...

Sharon's pic was funny. She looks like vice ganda. Lol. I love the Christmas Shopping. Everything is cheap. Hehehe. :)

sarj said...

hihihi.natawa ako sa tita shawie ba un??

Christia's World said...

@sining - you are so right! lol
@sarj - yuuup that is ate shawi! LOL

Unknown said...

I love everything about Christmas except the expenses hehe, no one would want that part i guess i mean spending a fortune for gifts and stuff but we have to do it to make other people happy and spirit of sharing and giving.

Jackie said...

Me too , I love everything in christmas. The air, the atosphere , everything. They seems so special to me.

Shirgie Scf said...

I want to add one more...SANTA Claus...of course he could not replace Jesus Christ as a symbol of xmas, but I'm just happy to see Santa

kiko said...

yes we all have our reasons why we love christmas, but unfortunately i'll be spending my 3rd christmas away from my family, Happy Christmas Everyone!

My recent post Bangungot ng Bagyong Sendong

Jonathan said...

Presents, christmas shopping and the atmosphere of giving tops my list!

tatess said...

I love christmas beacuase this is the time that the family spends time together ,eating ,having fun and exchanging christmas presents.

chrisair said...

Merry christmas, mejo malungkot lang ng konti naalala ko kasi last year buhay pa sana neice ko, last year nawasak mio ko, last year nag-away kami ni hubby, last year wala kami pasko, and now parang mag-aaway na naman kami ni hubby at dagdag pa yung ang daming namatay sa cdo iligan. Pero dapat merry pa din di ba.

Edmar Guquib said...

Those are great choices you have especially Sharon Cuneta na payat pa dito noon haha

Rachelle said...

Aw... Seeing these now, I miss Christmas in Pinas more. :(

ralph said...

there's a lot of reason why i love christmas... and what you pointed out are some of it... but what i like most is that we remembered that our Messiah was born to be one of us... Yahweh bless...

Rochelle Caparas said...

nagutom naman ako sa number 7 :)

Christia's World said...

@shirgie - you have seen Santa?! o_0 just kidding. I know what you mean :)
@chrisair - oh my, I'm hoping the best for you.
@edmar - Ate Shawie and ham... :)
@rochelle - mmmm bibingka.

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