Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tips on Moving Out: Part 2

On my previous moving out post, I discussed what I did before the actual move out. As promised, I will give you a break down of what happened on the day of move out. Before you go any further, full disclosure, my actual moving out process was not my best laid out plan. But I do hope this post will help you avoid what I did.

Moving out day:

- When the movers came, as I mentioned on my Part 1 post, I had to make them wait for 2 hours as my move out form was not complete. This took me back 2 hours off my schedule.

- When we were finally allowed to move out, everyone was looking at me, asking which items to pull out first. I had no. Freaking. Idea. But since I work in a position that requires me to be able to think fast on my feet, I pulled something out of my a$$ just to fill the dead air.
I told them to load the stuff first nearer to the door in the truck.
If I can do it all over again, I would load the big items first, like my fridge, the cabinets and my sofa. Then I will pile up the heavy boxes around those big items so they will not topple over. Why do epiphanies happen after the need for them?!

- Big tip for you: Once everything is loaded, please have a heart and feed the troops. Deep Tissue Massage boy had this covered by bringing our favorite miki-bihon pancit from our favorite pares place in Magsaysay. (OT: One of these days I will make a review of this fantastic cheap find. They make a mean serving of pares that will knock your panties off.)

- For loading out stuff from the truck to your new home sweet home, make sure you clear the path from the truck to the door where everything will enter. You do not want to have an accident where one of your movers topples over a potted plant.

- If you have a second floor to your home, make sure the movers actually leave big ticket items on that floor already so you do not have to lug it all by your lonesome. I made that mistake and poor DTM had to pay the price. I am all for girl power and everything, but I do not have any upper body strength so I could not help in moving a cabinet the size of my fridge to the bedroom.

Hopefully these would help you on your move to your new home sweet home. :-)

Oh, and one last thing, when everything is loaded out and you've said your thank you's to the folks who helped, it is not a crime to take a breather before diving in and arranging your stuff! Just make sure you have a place to rest, your washroom is ready and your refrigerator is plugged. Once those basics are covered, you can allow yourself to rest. There's always tomorrow y'know. 


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