Monday, November 21, 2011

Sonya's Garden: Salad OVERLOAD

This is my second retro-post for the day. Deep Tissue Massage boy spent a lunch date with his family here so on our 7th year anniversary, he suggested we drive all the way to Tagaytay to try Sonya's Garden. Apparently their salad is heavenly.

So off we went. And with a 1.5 hour drive, this meal better be good.

First off, the biggest challenge that we had was locating the darned place. If you are used to Tagaytay and the usual fare (Leslie's etc), then Sonya's Garden is way, way, waayyy beyond the usual path. You have to go past Sunrise Hill and Splendido Golf Course and turn right into Buck Estates. On your left you will see Sonya's Garden. See map from Sonya's Garden website here.

Around 2 days before we went there, we called in for a reservation which proved to be unnecessary because when we arrived for the lunch service, there were loads of seats available. The receptionist ushered us to a table that we chose. While waiting, they gave us a bread basket with different options for spreads. I loved the one with basil and olive oil. De-lish. And the Dalandan juice was nice and smooth as it went down my gullet, unlike some home made dalandan juice that I've tried in other restaurants.

After probably 5 minutes of waiting, the salad came. And I was very delighted on the array that was presented. All the salad items that I wanted were there and more! I tried my best to stop myself from filling my tummy but I could not help it, what with my -5 EQ and all.

After the salad course (you have the option to tell the waiter to not take away your salad items), pasta is served next. While there was nothing wrong with their past dishes, I guess I loved their salads so much that I kept on coming back the salad course. Then they served the fried salmon belly which I was not a huge fan of, with its fishy taste. Maybe Sonya's Garden can change that to roasted chicken instead?

Then the dessert came, which was a thin slice of a moist chocolate cake, kamote (sweet potato) cooked in sugar (that you add mint leaves to) and banana fritters. I thoroughly enjoyed the kamote dessert, especially when you add the mint leaves to it, the flavors in your mouth are just inexplicable.

To cap off the lovely meal, we had tarragon tea served to us, this was the first time for me to try this type of tea. To be honest, at first I was not sure if I liked it or not (since there was no sugar on it), but after several sips, I began to enjoy its very subtle taste and it is very effective in cleansing the palate. In the end, I was even tempted to buy my own tarragon so I could do the same at home.
Before leaving, we trekked the rest of Sonya's Garden to see what else they had to offer.

Needs improvement: More signs in the main road to Sonya's Garden will be helpful. Also, change the salmon belly or do some magic with it so that it won't taste fishy (or is that how it's supposed to taste?!)
What we like: The ambiance, the decorations, the salad (oh the salad), the pasta dishes, tarragon tea, kamote dessert
Verdict: Next year, when my parents are here in the RP, I will make sure I will take them here. Also, I will definitely try their spa next time.

How to contact them and how to get there?

For reservations, call or text the following numbers:
+63-9175329097 / +63-9175335140 / +63-9175231080
mail us at:

Go past Sunrise Hill and Splendido Golf Course and turn right into Buck Estates. On your left you will see Sonya's Garden.Do not panic if you have been driving for what you think is a long time already and you have not seen Sonya's Garden yet, thinking you may have already passed by it without noticing. That will not happen as the sign is so obvious, you will not miss it. Just drive on through Buck Estates and wait for the Sonya's Garden sign to show on your left side.
See map from Sonya's Garden website here.


It'sBeryllicious said...

Never tried Sonya's Garden but I'll surely love this place since I love salads! :)

Christia's World said...

Oh then you are in for a treat once you try this place.

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