Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tips on Moving Out: Part 1

Or another possible title for this post is, How Not to Screw up. No matter how many articles I read online on how to prepare myself from this big task of moving out, I still messed up pretty big. If not for Deep Tissue Massage boy and his mom, I may still be in my old flat, with my stuff crammed in boxes and my dog licking my the tears off my face.

So here are a few things you may want to consider if ever you are about to move out.

Pre-move out

- WRITE THINGS DOWN! Do not be lazy and accept the fact that although you were an Araling Panlipunan top-notcher back in high school, memorizing dates as if they were lines in your favorite song, it is not possible for you to remember everything you read online for your move out. Unless you have an eidetic memory in which case, good for you.

- Do not forget to book a moving crew. Best to call in 2 weeks advance so you can canvas movers. Check in Sulit, they have a lot ads there for "lipat bahay" or movers. The more advanced you call, the better. Think of your online moving company canvas like a trip in Divisoria. Learn how to negotiate. Fortunately though, DTM boy's Ultraman of a mom helped us with this piece and asked her friend who had a truck to loan it to us.HUGE HELP. Considering what happened later that day.

- Buy tons of boxes, packaging tape, bubble wrap, rope and prepare your scissors. How did I estimate the number of boxes that I needed? I set my basis at 0.5 box (supermarket size boxes)  per square meter. Of course that does not work for big ticket items like refrigerators etc, but it's my rule of thumb. As for the packaging tape, allot 2 rolls per 10 boxes.

- Do not forget your bold marker.

- Buy used boxes from groceries, they are cheaper than the ones from National. The pay off though is that instead of lugging out clothes, it looks like you are hoarding 555 Extra Hot Sardines, or, if you are lucky, hoarding Whisper Heavy Flow and Overnights pads. The cheapest source we found was Shoppersville Katipunan, we got 5 boxes for Php 30 only.

- If you are moving out of a condominium unit, DO NOT FORGET TO PROCESS YOUR MOVE OUT FORM! I thought I processed mine but apparently I missed a step and that put my schedule back for 2 hours. Silver lining was that the truck and moving folks were friends of DTM's mom so we just bought them breakfast while waiting. This form should give you the process in your building on residue water, electricity, cable, parking, association dues and phone bills.

- If you are moving into a condominium unit, DO NOT FORGET TO PROCESS YOUR MOVE IN FORM in advance!

- Allow a day or a day an a half to pack up your things per room. What I did was that we started with the rooms least used. I started with the kitchen (since I rarely use my kitchen and my fridge was empty, perfectly timed of course), then to the dining, sala, bedroom then bath.

- Pack a suitcase full of essentials especially if you know that you will not complete moving in after a day. Have a day of change of clothes, toiletries, towel, first aid, slippers, your device chargers and other important documents you need for the move in so you do not have to fish thru boxes searching for these. I did this but I forgot to pack in my go bag a hair brush. And given that DTM barely has hair on his head, I was the only one inconvenience (lucky semi-bald DTM). So I used my hair clamp as an alternative. Forgive my nest-like hair for the next few days.

-I know it is not cool to wear a fanny pack but this is the most efficient type of bag as you lug your stuff around. It will perfectly store your phone, keys to both places, wallet and other important documents. But I know some people whose mantra is fashion first before life and I respect that.

- Do not space out while moving things even just for a second. I did this and I ended up breaking one of my building's vases. WHAT THE FREAKING FRACK. That would cost me, I would have to pay extra to the admin of my building to cover that. Ugh, why was I not blessed with good hand-eye coordination?

- Get loads of sleep. Moving day will tire you out, I kid you not. Say sorry to your feet because after this, they will curse you like pirates.

Edit: See part 2 post here: What to do on actual moving day.


A said...

Informative post. :)

I must say I'm a pro lipat bahay gal because I'm practically a nomad. Since 2003, I moved houses for at least 15 times (half of them international). It helps a lot to hire reliable movers.

michymichymoo said...

I can't remember much about moving, but we moved house 6 years ago, the building where we lived has a contact mover, affordable too.

Christia's World said...

@a - Thank you. I must say that is very impressive that you've moved at least 15 times!
@michymichymoo - Appreciate this note. A shout out to building admins out there! Have a contact mover (in and out) for the assistance of your tenants.

Sumi Go said...

I've been living with my parents since birth and haven't experienced moving out yet. Well, except for moving in for a few month to a condo unit when I was taking my thesis term in university.. ^^ But thanks for sharing this 'cause it's very informative! I know the day will come that I'll have to move out from my parents' home.. :)

Christia's World said...

Hi Sumi, Glad to help! I remember the first time I moved out of our house to study in QC... It was tough for the first few months, especially having to consider even the smallest things that I took for granted before, like where to get potable water, what about laundry, etc. :)

Carmel David said...

Thanks for this, Christia! This is actually one of the items in my 2012 To Do's. I shall read this again more thoroughly in the coming days :)

Christia's World said...

You are welcome Carmel. Wish you best in your move!

Carmel David said...

Hi Christia! May I know your email address, please? Need to ask you something related to this :)

Christia's World said...

Hi Carmel, It is christiasworld[at]gmail[dot]com :)

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