Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mmmmister Kabab

I am an addict. A Persian food addict that is. If there is one condiment I want to have at home, its the white sauce from Mister Kabab. I think it goes well with everything, even pizza. (barf if you must but don't knock it 'til you try it!)

Just writing this is making my water mouth (and it does not help that Deep Tissue Massage boy is chopping onions beside me). So I am going to make this review short and sweet to avoid accumulating a huge puddle of drool on my lap.

When you get to Mister Kabab in West Ave, you sit in one of their wooden dining sets, reminiscent of the wooden chairs and tables that we used when I was in Grade 2. I am almost tempted to vandalize my name.

Although it is not air conditioned inside, the place is open on all sides so it is very breezy. I think this is a better idea than closing up the whole place because everyone will smell like day-old Burger Mcdo after 30 minutes.

Then one of the nice ladies will hand you the menu.

 We always order the following:
Special Chelo Kabab (tenderloin beef)
Chicken Liver Stick
Sizzling Keema or Sizzling Keema with eggplant
Pita bread

But since DTM said he was not that hungry, we just ordered the first 2.
Actually, what really happened was:

DTM: *to kind Mister Kabab wait staff* Isang Mountain Dew lang (One Mountain Dew only.)
Spa Girl: Sure ka? Baka gutumin ka. (Are you sure? You might get hungry.)
DTM: Oo. (Yes)
SG: Sige ka, baka pag nakita mo akong kumain at nakita mong sarap na sarap ako baka magustuhan mo rin. Tapos magoorder ka, magaantay ka pa. (You might get jealous when you see me enjoying my food. Then you'll end up ordering which you'd have to wait for.)
DTM: Yes, hindi kasi ako gutom eh. (Yes, I am not hungry.)
SG: Hindi ako magshe-share. (I won't share)
DTM: *thinks his decision through* Hindi, ayoko talaga. (No, I really don't want.)
SG: O, sige. Ate ako isang special chelo kebab beef at chicken liver stick. (Alright. One special chelo kebab beef and a chicken liver stick)
*As soon as the waitress left our table*
DTM: Ay gusto ko pala. (I changed my mind. I also want to order.)*stands up and goes to the wait staff*

Edit: Parang ang off ng English translation. LOL
Special Chelo Kabab

Chicken Liver stick minus the stick

Needs improvement: More parking space.
What we like: The food, the white sauce. The price. The fact that they are 24 x 7
Verdict: If you are looking for a great place to pig out after a night of partying and alcohol, this is one great place to get greasy and fatty food.
Menu: Munchpunch Mister Kabab menu

How to contact them and how to get there?
(02) 373-5941
95A West Avenue, Quezon City

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Anonymous said...

I used to frequent Mister Kebab a few years back. This was where I would eat after a drinking session, hahahaha. But yeah, for its price, it's a great place.

Love your background btw, The jellybeans look so good to eat!

Christia's World said...

Ah yes, back when it was still in Q-Ave :)
Strawberry shortcake jellybeans are the bees knees *drools*

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