Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's my Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank heavens for US holidays as my birthday always lands on Thanksgiving Day. Thus, no work for moi and Deep Tissue Massage boy. And as my birthday gift for myself, I availed another day of leave on the 25th. Purr-fection.

Tomorrow, DTM boy promised to take me to Ahavia Lounge Spa located in San Juan City, near Greenhills. It was supposed to be a surprise but DTM also has a negative EQ level, so he just had to tell me (although he claims that he told me his plans because he needed my navigational powers).

But going back to my initial train of thought... gak! It's my birthday! I know I am an adult now and I should not be excited about my birthday because it's the adult thing to do. But my mom, bless her heart, brought me up in a way that I expect my birthday to be a big freakin' holiday. So sue me.


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