Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Service Massages: Good or Bad Idea?

Here's the thing about home service massages. Yes, they have their merits but, as with everything with life (say what?! drama queen alert), they also have their disadvantages. Shall we begin?

The Good
  • It's right in the comfort of your own house! Pardon that canned sentence but it's true. No need to commute, saves on gas for those who drive and you don't have to dress up to go outside, which is my personal favorite. And since you control the environment, you can make your own perfect ambiance. I like to light a scented candle and play some mellow music.
  • Helluva lot cheaper.
  • You use your own towels.If you are a germophobe, then 'nuf said.
The Bad
  • For the home service massage services that I have tried that service my area here in Libis, the therapists are not that good at all. I've encountered an OK massage but they did not have massage beds. Thus, hello neck cramps.
  • There was this one time that Deep Tissue Massage Boy and I had a home service massage, his therapist kept on dozing off! DTM got so frustrated that he asked for the massage to end. 
  • Some of them, after you call them up using your phone, they send you ads for their services every weekends, sometimes, waking you up in the dead of the night.
  • Being responsible for your own environment also has its downside. Especially if you have an Energizer bunny dog like mine.
My Decision
I won't be giving the names of the home service massages that I availed and reviewed here because it has been a long time since I tried this type of service and I would probably just mix them up.Bottom line, I think home service massages are for not me.

P.S. If you can suggest a home service massage provider (do you call them that? a provider?) that gives  kick-ass service, please, leave a comment below.


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