Sunday, November 20, 2011

Checking all the Fuss about Banapple

Deep Tissue Massage Boy and I just finished the listening to Sunday mass and wanted to prolong date night by eating out (we could not bear to think that Sunday was done as that would mean that it's a work day again).

We wanted to get out of Eastwood City so we decided to head off to Katipunan since he also planned on getting the car washed there (he has a loyalty card in one of the car wash places in Xavierville. I am a huge fan of loyalty cards but that is for another discussion).

After much deliberation, we chose the infamous Banapple because he already went there with his friends and they all raved about the food. After that was decided, I tweeted that I was about to head there for dinner and immediately, my tweeps replied that I should get their banofee pie. That got me uber excited about dinner.

When we got there, our first concern was where to park. We noticed that a lot of folks were parking along the stretch of Katipunan so, we did the same thing. DTM boy parked as close to the curb as possible and prayed his hardest that his baby does not become a casualty in a traffic accident.

The restaurant itself (we went to the bigger Banapple in Katips, not the original one that one could barely get into) was nicely decorated. You had the option to dine Al Fresco or to eat inside the place.

You order on the counter and you already pay for your food there. That was not a problem for us, so DTM boy headed there with our orders. In the meantime, I took some pictures of the place.


I loved the table decoration but it proved to be a bit tricky to ensure all our food was balanced nicely on the table. But that was not too much of a hassle.

I ordered the Herbed Chicken Rolls with Basil Cream Sauce and Grandma's Corn Chowder. The chicken which proved to be a good idea. The creaminess and herb(iness?!) of the basil sauce coupled with carrots on the side made a good balance. Although I have to admit, it took me some time to touch the carrots as I am not too fond of them cooked (which may explain why I wear glasses now but according to DTM, carrots give good eyesight is a myth).

As for the corn chowder, I may have wanted it to a bit runnier than it was as the soup was so thick, it might as well have been mashed corn. But maybe chowder IS supposed to be that thick. Maybe just my personal preference. But the flavor of the chowder was spot on.

DTM ordered their Creamy Cheesy Penne and their Homemade Iced Tea. The pasta dish was to die for! I loved loved loved the way they married the tomato sauce and the cheese together and the penne was perfectly al dente (I like my pasta a bit, no a lot soggy so me giving a positive review due to its being al dente is huge). And the bread that came with it, lovely. Although I would have wanted a 3rd loaf just to cap it all off nicely. As for the iced tea, not bad. I, however, had a bad throat so I could not enjoy it so much.

Finally, dessert time! I am not a huge fan of sweets but given the response in Twitter, we ordered the Banoffee pie.

Was it good? I think it is, my taste buds like the way that all 5 elements of the pie (frosting, banana, caramel, chocolate, crust) had a say in making the pie whole. Will I order it again? Probably not. Why? I am really not a fan of sweets. I will choose a big bag of chips any day over a chocolate bar. Except maybe if its chocolate truffle. I may have to rethink that one.

Needs improvement - parking, service time during rush hours, tables
What we like - food flavors, place design, the penne
Verdict - Will we go back to this place? Sure. But next time, we will make sure that we diversify our orders. Just because we love creamy items does not mean all our courses should be creamy. ;)

How to contact them and how get there?

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 Unfortunately the only way to commute to this place is via cab.


Chyng said...

miss na miss ko na ang banapple! lagi kasing jampacked kaya kakatamad puntahan. hehe

Christia's World said...

Hi Chyng, Yes, it was also packed when we went there for dinner but we easily found seats even if it was the dinner rush :) You may want to visit again now since they have 2 Banapples in Katipunan.
Much love!

i♥pinkc00kies said...

super love!! :D

Christia's World said...

Super I know right! :p

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