Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday Dinner! House of Minis

I was craving for some red meat before our trip to Ahavia Lounge Spa so Deep Tissue Massage Boy took me to House of Minis in Greenhills. It's a good thing that DTM Boy is not yet a vegetarian (he claims to wants to become a vegetarian for his love of all animals) or else I will not have anyone to share my beef cravings with.

Anywhozzle, going back to the House of Minis. Click below for the full story.

It took us a while to get to House of Minis because we got lost (we are not the best people when it comes to directions, ask our friends). But once we got there, I saw a very cozy bistro in front of a store selling gowns and other fancy dresses.

There were not a lot of people dining there and given that it was past 8:30 pm on a Thursday, it was not surprising.

I wanted to eat like a horse so as soon as the waiter gave us the menu, it took me just 5 seconds to order what I wanted. We ordered mussels victoria (Php 160), fillet mignon (Php 350) and tenderloin (Php 330). For drinks, we ordered HOM iced tea (Php 75) and their four seasons juice (Php 80). What is good about their steak meals is that it comes with a serving of their soup of the day, dinner rolls, vegetables and dessert (which come to think of it, we did not get).

We did not have to wait long because a few seconds later the dinner rolls came, followed by their soup of the day, salad and our drinks. Points for House of Minis for their fast serving time, maybe our waiter saw how hungry I was for mah meat, what with my drool covering my dinner napkin.

Nothing notable about these dishes. Although I loved the fact that they did not scrimp on the soup serving size.

Next came the mussels victoria, which essentially is baked tahong. The mussels tasted very fresh and fatty. Fatty, fatty, fatty just the way I like my mussels. I suggest you skip the drizzling of calamansi (small lemon-like fruits. What the frack do you call calamansi in English?) to enjoy the strong taste of the mussels.

Next came our medium well done steaks (I found this article online helping you determine steak doneness). Mmmm, red meat finally. If you cannot eat without your white rice, you better order additional rice for your meal as this only comes with corn, veggies and french fries.

Unfortunately, my fillet mignon came as well done, while DTM Boy's was perfectly medium well. I guess the hotplate cooked mine beyond the doneness I would've wanted.

Needs improvement:
Our water had bits of something floating.
The fries that came with the steak were very dry.
The soup was a bit bland for my taste.
What we like:
The place was very cozy. Reminded me of taverns you see in old movies.
The sizzle of the gravy as the waiter poured it on the piping hot hotplate. However, if ever I do go back, I will ask the gravy to be served on the side. I like mah meat tasting pure cow.
Although not the first place I'd go to if I am jonesing for some cow meat, it's not a bad place to try at least once.

How to contact them and how to get there?
Call them at (02) 721-1410

It is located in Shoppesville, ground floor, right across the original Luk Yuen.

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