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The Adventures of Spa Girl: #3 Wensha Spa

One of my friends, Foxy Mom, suggested we go to Wensha Spa in Panay Ave. Apparently, it's the go to place of her and her beau when they want to relax. I've been to Wensha Spa twice already. The first time I went there, we scheduled our Wensha Spa time as a way for us to cap the night off. We decided to go to Music 21 first to eat and sing late 90's pop songs before going to Wensha Spa. However, an hour into singing our third version of 2 become 1, we kept on asking Foxy Mom if it was finally time to go get our pamper on.

Thus, on our next girls night out, we decided to go directly to Wensha Spa to cut to the chase.

The Breakdown

Wet area: They have a shower area, a hot tub, a cold tub, wet sauna and a dry sauna.

What do you wear during the massage: Disposable underwear are available for an additional Php 20. They will give you a matching robe and pair of shorts ensemble for your to use if you want to go back out the dining area after your massage.

Ambiance: It's fine, considering the price. Although if you are not a fan of noisy masseurs (who is?!), you may want to check other spas. This place is really more for those who want to bond with their friends rather than relax. Also, the locker area and the wet area could do a bit of sprucing up.

Price: Php 680 with free all you can eat buffet. Lovesit Wensha Spa!

Anything for the mouth: All you can eat buffet + Shabu shabu


Store hours: 24 x 7

Contact them:
*Wensha Spa Pasay Branch
Address: Boom na Boom Grounds, CCP Complex Roxas Blvd Cor. Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Pasay City
Telephone numbers
+63 (02) 833-98-78
+63 (02) 832-05-15
+63 (02) 832-58-77
*Wensha Spa Timog Branch
Address: 1st and 2nd Level Pasda Mansion Bldg. #4 Timog Ave. Cor Panay Ave, Quezon City
Telephone numbers
+63 (02) 375-13-98
+63 (02) 372-58-22 
(EDIT) *Wensha Spa Antipolo Branch
Address: G/F Comoda Ville 267-269 Sumulong Highway Antipolo City before JAC liner terminal
Telephone numbers
+63 (02) 655-7377
+63 (02) 486-9196 
(EDIT 2: 02-18-2012) I did a blog post on Wensha Antipolo here.

Website: They used to have a website before, for some reason I can no longer find it!
Although they have an Antipolo FB page.

The Good

The fact that I can eat all that I want, use their wet area and get a great massage was more than good for me.

When the girls and I got there, we had to go to the reception area where they gave us our bracelet keys and our slippers (we had to leave our shoes to the receptionist). I loved the fact that the key to your locker is in a bracelet so you do not have to worry about losing it while enjoying their amenities. Then we all headed to the dining area where we had Foxy Mom cook us a mean pot of Shabu-Shabu.

Then, we went to the locker area leading to the massage and wet area space. They have separate rooms for men and women because, are you ready for this, in the wet area, people walk around naked.

In other countries, I know people are used to sharing locker rooms with complete strangers of the same sex and they walk around in their birthday suit like it is nothing. But where I grew up, I do not show my tata's and my huha's in public places. So this became a problem when we were already undressing. Even though the girls and I are close like family, everyone was uncomfortable in baring their skin. It was highly funny when we were about to dip into the jacuzzi and we all tried to maneuver our towels so that we expose as little as possible as we slithered our way into the water.

The Massage

The lady who did my massage had wonderful hands. She was able to make me feel heavenly in parts I did not even know I had in my body. It took me so much will power to just keep myself from moaning like I'm having an orgasm.

The Not-so-Good

A few points that Wensha Spa administration needs to work on:
- The masseurs were very noisy near the massage area.
- There were not enough dining areas. And we had a hard time looking for a waiter to assist us in looking for a table.
- The receptionists need to be friendly. I think they are the first spa receptionists that I encountered that did not know how to smile. Smile demmit! Smile!
- Good thing Foxy Mom already knows the flow in using the facilities because if not, I might have gotten lost. It may be a good idea for the entire Wensha Spa suggested "process flow" to be given to patrons as soon as they pay for their services.

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!

None of the minor issues get to this level thankfully.

The Verdict

I will return! You know why? Because as soon as I came home, Deep Tissue Massage Boy said I was glowing. GLOWING! Awcommon... *blushes*

Seriously though, Wensha Spa is more for those looking to hang out with their friends with a massage to boot. If you are looking for peace and tranquility, you may be sorely disappointed.

P.S. Do you know of a 24 x 7 spa that has a common wet area for men and women AND has a buffet similar to that of Wensha Spa? If yes, please do leave a comment below.

Rating (1-5 aromatherapy candles):


P.S. See, they really are not so friendly in this joint >>> Forum Discussion
P.P.S. By the way, be careful. This happened a long time ago, but still, it pays to be careful >>> Wensha Spa Scandal


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