Friday, November 18, 2011

The Adventures of Spa Girl: #2 Ace Water Spa

Deep Tissue Massage Boy is a sucker for all things wet. (I just read what I typed, I considered deleting it but since it’s double meaning is maliciously funny I’m voting for it to stay.) He loves taking baths and is dreaming of owning a house where his bed is a small pool where he can lie down and sleep like a fish. Seriously. I have a merman as a boyfriend.

So when I heard about Ace Water Spa, I quickly went to one of the many online coupon websites (the one that rhymes with what we call tapioca pearls in Filipino) and bought 2 vouchers for me and DTM Boy.

* Video and pictures are from the Ace Water Spa site.

The Breakdown

Wet area: It’s freaking wet area everywhere!

What do you wear during the massage: Swimsuit. No, your spaghetti straps and Giordano short shorts will not work here.

Ambiance: It's like a small indoor resort. Nothing fancy.

Price: We got our voucher for Php 299 but regular price is at Php 550 per person for 4 hours for adults.

Anything for the mouth: They have a buffet that you can avail at half off it's regular price if you go to the spa

Location: See MAP

Store hours: 6AM to 11PM

Contact them: (02) 330-7776

Website: Ace Water Spa

The Good

In the interactive bubbly area part of the spa, the water was perfectly warm. There are different parts of that area where you will sit, lie down or stand up and jets of water will hit specific points in your body. The area that I enjoyed the most is the one where you will lie on your stomach, and after pulling a leverl beside you, rain will pour on your entire body for about 2 minutes. It felt sooooooo good, if they extended it to 10 minutes I would've already drifted off to la-la sleepy land.

After about 2 hours there, we went to the herbal pools. In the Pasig Ace Water Spa, men and women can enjoy the herbal pools together. The kind male water spa lifeguard was kind enough to instruct us on how to use these pools. We must've looked thoroughly perplexed because he offered to help without us asking. Or he was just plain helpful. After a while though, DTM and I realized that the instructions were on the wall. Oblivious, much?

Bottom line on how to use the pools was  to go dip in the hot ones for about 2.5 - 5 mins, then go to the cold pool in the middle for 30 seconds. Repeat 4 times. Being the cold water averse creature that I am though, I could not last more than 5 seconds in the cold pool. I also could not bear the heat on the hottest herbal pool, I think the temp was 40 celsius! Cooked Spa Girl, anyone? But I did love the scent of the lavander pool. It made me feel pretty darn pretty

We tried the wet and dry saunas next. Nothing special. Although DTM boy and I had an interesting conversation while we were inside the dry sauna.
Deep Tissue Massage Boy: What do you think about having a sauna at home?
Spa Girl: *Nods* Yeah.
DTM: Yeah what?
SG: Yeah!
DTM: Yeah, that will be good? Yeah, we should have one? What do you mean by "yeah"?
SG: *Shrugs and whispers softly* Yeah.
DTM: *Walks huffily out of the dry sauna*
Just an FYI for everyone, I, Spa Girl, am not able to make coherent answers to all types of questions while in a dry sauna. I should not be held liable for any stupid responses while I am in a sauna-stewed state.

P.S. They also have a pool for laps but we no longer tried that part. They also have a kiddie pool area.

The Massage

None. Unfortunately, since it is a water spa, it's just plain wet area. I would've liked it if they would at least offer massage options.

The Not-so-Good

Bring your own towel! I was under the assumption, that similar to other spas where there are wet areas that the towels are free. No they are not! They cost Php 150 a pop.

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!

There was this one lady person who accidentally took my 150 pesos towel for rent. So we reported it to the wet area lady personnel and to cut the long story short, they could've handled the incident in a much friendlier light. I encourage the management to train their employees to be as courteous as possible when it comes to dealing with customers. Needless to say I was not too happy with the wet area lady guard person.

The Verdict

Will probably go back if they will offer massage services. Deep Tissue Massage Boy on the other hand, wanted to live there.

Rating (1-5 aromatherapy candles):



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