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The Adventures of Spa Girl: #1 Royal Siam Spa

After a long day at Divisoria looking for the cheapest set of cellophane wrappers (tip: found a cheap store selling wrappers and other school supplies at Roman street), Deep Tissue Massage Boy and I felt like we needed to reward our aching muscles and tired feet. We had a great time at Royal Siam Spa last month so after we rested for an hour (of course we had to rest before we took a shower for fear of the scary “pasma”) and after a large serving of Red Mango’s original frozen yogurt, we skedaddled straight to their spa.

The Breakdown

Wet area: None

What do you wear during the massage: If you are having the Thai Folk Body massage (a.k.a. Nuad Cha Leuy Sak), you will be given pajamas, if you are having their Thai Aromatic Oil Massage(a.k.a. Nuad Nam Man), you need to strip down to your undies, then cover yourself up

Ambiance: Just right. No noisy masseurs!

Price: Lowest cost for a massage per person is Php 150 for 30 minutes excluding tip.

Anything for the mouth: They serve warm and sweet “salabat” (ginger tea) after the massage.


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Store hours: 12 pm – 2 am

Contact them: 622-1362 or 0917-898-SIAM (7426)

Website: Royal Siam Spa

The Good

They are open from 12 pm to 2 am so for us night owls who usually wake up at 9 pm, this massage place caters to our time zone. We arrived around 12 am and you know the therapists were trained well because even at the dead of the night, they have a very courteous staff that welcomed us. Deep Tissue Massage boy had the Thai Folk Body massage (a.k.a. Nuad Cha Leuy Sak) the last time and the lady therapist stretched him to all sorts of position which he enjoyed (if you like stretching like a cat and if you are the type that is shy to bare your self to the massage therapist, this is the massage for you as they give you a pajamas-like ensemble to wear). But considering that we can barely moved our pinkies, we both opted for the Thai Aromatic Oil Massage(a.k.a. Nuad Nam Man) for 1.5 hours at Php 499.00.

Before the massage starts, they will take you to the feet soaking area where you will sit down on a bench, take off your sandals and soak your tootsies in a warm bath of water and alcohol. The therapists will wipe off any gunk on your feet and then will give you the spa sandals while they take your own footwear for safe keeping.

The massage area is very conducive to relaxing, as soon as I stepped in their couple’s room, I already felt catatonically blissful. I was excited that they had actual massage tables that had holes for the head area so you won’t have an awful crick after the massage from turning your head from one side to the other.

We did not book for a couple’s massage but since we were the only 2 customers there, we had no problem getting our massage in the same room. They have a cabinet where you can put your belongings in and I found it very considerate that you can adjust the brightness of your lamp so you can put it on max while you are stripping to your undies, then tone it back down once the massage starts. The first time we went there, they gave us warm towels after the massage (which is usually my experience with other merchants) but for some reason, that night, they gave us the warm towels before the massage.

The Massage

The massage itself was lovely. DTM boy and I though found it a bit too hard to the point that we were unsure whether it was painful good or painful bad. We know we should have said something to the therapists but when your head is stuck in a hole and you are trying your best not to moan out of pleasure, you get very afraid to open your mouth.

The Not-so-Good

The air conditioning was a little to cold for my taste. Also, after the massage, they gave us the ginger tea on the counter. So we were awkwardly sipping hot tea while standing up. It would have been better if they had a small table on their receiving area so the guests can sit down and drink their tea without fear of dropping it.

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!

None to report thankfully! And when your goal is to relax, this is really what you would expect. Nothing less.

*To see the price list better, click on the picture below.

**Sorry was not able to take pictures. Slipped my mind.

The Verdict

I will definitely come back to this place and try their Thai Folk Body massage (a.k.a. Nuad Cha Leuy Sak). Next time though, I will make sure to tell the therapist to keep the pressure to a minimum.

Rating (1-5 aromatherapy candles):


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