Friday, November 25, 2011

The Adventures of Spa Girl #5: Ahavia Lounge Spa

All I knew was that we were going to Ahavia Lounge Spa as Deep Tissue Massage Boy's birthday gift to me. I was expecting a massage but little did I know that DTM had other plans.

But before I talk about that, it's interesting to note that when we got there around 10 pm, the parking lot of Ahavia was packed. On a Thursday night?! Just goes to show that there are a lot of us BPO people spending our "Thanksgiving holiday" getting pampered.

The Breakdown

Wet area: Shower
What do you wear during the massage: Undies
Ambiance: Very relaxing. As soon as you enter Ahavia, their minty aromatherapy oils waft through your nostrils
Price: The Ahavia package we got was for Php 3,999. It may be a bit steep but compared to The Spa, a steal.
They also have Php 199 massages from Monday - Thursday, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Anything for the mouth: You can order food from the Ahavia receptionist while waiting. For the package that we availed, we got free tea and water.

Location: This one is a toughie. DTM boy thought that the place was in the corner of Albany and M. Mariano in San Juan. So this got us pretty lost. Again.
This is the correct location, see the link to the Ahavia Facebook photo on how to go there. From Greenhills, turn left to Wilson Street, it is in the corner of ALLENBY and M. MARCOS (not Albany and M. Mariano).
Store hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 am
Contact them: +63 2 4777863, +63 2 7487930
Website: Ahavia in Facebook

The Good

The first good thing about this trip was not so much as about the Ahavia Spa but the surprise of DTM boy. The package that he set for us was their Ultimate Couples Therapy package that consists of massages, foot spas, body scrubs and nail treatments. When I finally learned what we were about to do, I beamed all through out the wait as the therapists prepared our VIP room.
Plus points as well on the ambiance, very quiet and the place smells nice.

The Massage
After 15 minutes of waiting (the attendants apologized for the long wait, they said  it took some time for them to prepare the room), we were led to our private room where we were going to get our foot spas, body scrub and massage.

We changed to our robe, disposable underwear and boxers as soon as we entered our room. DTM was a bit disappointed with the TV in the room but I wanted to keep on watching ABS-CBN's PBB. Yes, I watch those type of shows.

We first had the foot spa and I battled my urge to laugh while the lady removed excess skin from my feet. Ticklish, I am.

After that treatment, next up was our body scrub. Its my first time to get a body scrub.
So they do body scrubs while you are lying down! I did not know that.

I always imagined them being done in the shower. After the actual scrubbing, we stewed in that position for 15 minutes. I tried to sleep, DTM wanted to chat. So chat we did.

Then came the 2- hour Ahavia Signature massage. This Ahavia Signature massage is great for people who love back massages. I think the masseuse spent an hour on my back. And when she did that thing with her whole arm raking my back, oh dear heaves that felt lovely.

The Not-so-Good
The day after the massage, my whole back is sore. During the massage I was loving the pressure. But today, my back feels like it was jack hammered.

I also did not enjoy the nail treatment. I kept on pulling back my hand to signify to the nail technician that she was pushing or pulling too hard. Then today, I noticed that I had a small cut on my right middle and ring finger. But props for their nice nail treatment area.

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!

The Verdict
I enjoyed the experience as a whole given that DTM planned everything (I just love it when my man is all "take charge" and what-not. So zexy!) and the surprise package was very pleasant. As for Ahavia, maybe I was expecting too much from them given all the rave reviews I've read.

Rating (5 as the highest)


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