Monday, November 21, 2011

The Adventures of Spa Girl: #4 Danielli Spa

This is a long overdue post but I decided to still share this as my sidekick, Deep Tissue Massage Boy and I had a great time in this place. This happened back in February and I am sharing this now because I am a sharer by nature and I want this message out there in cyberspace: Danielli Spa offers a great Valentines Day special.

I called 3 days before at Danielli Spa to set our couple's massage. I know I had to set an appointment as the day we wanted to spend it there was V-Day and every romantic nook and cranny of the Metro will be booked solid.

The Breakdown
This is for the couple's room where you have your own room to share with your lovah
Wet area:
Danielli Spa has a private bathroom for showering and your own Jacuzzi to dip in. Apparently they have a sauna as well outside that you can share with others but we no longer bothered with it.

What do you wear during the massage:
They will give you a robe and boxers to wear. But during the massage itself, off comes the robe ofcourse.

Romantic! They had candles and rose petals in the room that made the place look romantic.

Danielli Spa offered Php 2500 for the couple's massage package. But, their common room massages are at around Php 400 a pop.

Anything for the mouth:
Free water and iced tea.


Sore hours:  
Monday to Sundays 1:00PM TO 11:00PM DAILY

Contact them:

Danielli Spa on Facebook

The Good
As soon as we got there, the receptionist tended to us immediately. Thumbs up Danielli Spa! The receiving area was nicely lit and the decorations were very nice. We did not wait for a long time for our room which was also a big plus on my book.

The Massage

Their therapists were trained very well and knew the right amount of pressure to give with my body type. As soon as she (my therapist was a lady) placed her hands on my back and asked if the pressure was O.K., all I can do was moan in agreement. And the weird thing about me is that I like it super hard on my back area but my legs are like jelly so the lightest touch will register. And my masseuse was able to hit the right pressure on both body parts. So really, good job.

The Not-so-Good
You have to climb 2 flights of stairs just to get to and from the spa. So after the massage, DTM and I had a hard time going downstairs given that we have just been pampered like ca-razy.
Also, at night, the general area where Danielli Spa is located is not very well lit so it is a bit scary if you will go there alone. Not that there was any feel of danger in the place. It was just a bit dark for my liking.

The Whatthehelljusthappened?!
Nothing to report here :-)

The Verdict
Will I go back to this place to get massaged again? Obviously, a big YES for me. Here's to hoping Danielli Spa will move from the second floor to the first floor of their building though :p


Anonymous said...

Php 2500 was a discounted package? or not?

Christia's World said...

Back then it was discounted

Unknown said...

Is this still open?

Unknown said...

Is this still operating?

Christia's World said...

Hey Andrea, last time I checked the place is still open. Best to call their number before heading over there if you have doubts :)

Unknown said...

Oh thank you. Do they have a facebook page?

Christia's World said...

Yep, check their website on my blog post I linked it there!

Anonymous said...

They are still open. Trying the Thai Spa down the street as well. Both are great.

Christia's World said...

You mean Royal Siam? Yup, I loooove their dry massage.

Anonymous said...

"But, their common room massages are at around Php 400 a pop. "

-- Thought you might be interested to know that 'POP', ' when used to pertain to massages,typically means ejaculation, to put it bluntly. Like when you go to a spa that offers sexual services, and the therapist usually maycharge their male customers 'per pop'. I'm guessing that's not what you meant, because I've been to Danielli's several times in the past, and I believe they offer wholesome and legit massage...unless that has changed. :)

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