Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 11 of 522: Mendokoro Ramenba and My Pokemon Go-To Spot

This week was way shitt!er than DTM and I expected.

And yes, we might just be overly dramatic, after all death is not in the equation but we both needed a serious break in life. So we cancelled our adulting schedule. He slept in and I finally broke into level 20 in Pokemon Go.

Then we had an early dinner at the only place I thought befitting enough to take a shower and put some decent pants on for, in this weather.

Mendokoro Ramenba.
Because that baby deserves a close up. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tales of a Clingy Wife: Week 8 of 522

Part of #Dream2026 is making sure DTM and I keep a healthy relationship by having a life outside of each other.

But that does not stop me from inappropriately proudly sharing to the whole world how much of a mess independent I was with DTM away.

So I was live FB-ing the entire time he and I were apart under the label #TalesOfAClingyWife. Here was my post, hour one into my weekend without the husband. I am sure this made my parents real proud of me.

1. On waking up
Does this also apply to you?

Friday, July 08, 2016

Of Foreclosed Properties and #Dream2026: Week 5 of 522


2 things:
  1. Friend A pointed out that I should try living in a beachfront house for a month and test if I really, REALLY, like the beach or just the novelty it brings during vacations. 
  2. Friend B pointed out that I should buy the property now through the bank because the price is lower now (under the assumption that land typically appreciates over the years) than it will be in 10 years. And I am setting aside monies now to buy it so might as well drop it directly on the property. 
Crystallizing moment. Buy the property now to address both points.

I am now in the PS Bank website looking at foreclosed properties.

Why not, choc nut?
And then there's also this by Pag-ibig.

It's a sign.

Sometimes, I am too action oriented for my own good.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Taking the Plunge for #Dream2026: Week 4 of 522

My husband and I will kill each other.

That was my biggest fear when we first started talking about starting our own business as an additional income stream to help us hit our #Dream2026 goal (if you don't know what that is, see here).

Imaginary third party reader asks: But why? You seem like the couple who agrees about everything and have a relatively steady, drama-free relationship.

First of all, couples who agree about everything do not exist or are reanimated meat-suits in a crazy episode of Supernatural. Second of all, we have drama. Not earth shattering, MMK-worthy drama but it's there at healthy increments.

The reason why I feared a Game of Thrones-esque scenario is because DTM and I are opposites in so many levels, we can rival Dharma and Greg.

Lady Lyanna Mormont. Random photo with no bearing to my story, just wanted to add her here because #feels and also see that dude on the right looking downright scared of her. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Search for Additional Income Streams #Dream2026: Week 3 of 522

Man the internet place can be confusing.

Type in "additional income streams" in Google and you will get more than 3 million results! And for a person who is so risk-averse that gambling causes physical pain, I need to find a better way of filtering information.

So I did what any lazy person (the type whose as$h0le friends would say to her to Google things up) would do -- I asked a couple of friends who I know have sources of income other than their day job and what their advise is for someone who wants to start.

They all said 3 things in common.

WARNING: I am by no means endorsing what they said I should do from a financial POV nor am I qualified to do so. I am merely sharing because daswhattahdo.

If only wedding coins have real value.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Fans, Naysayers, and Deadlines for #Dream2026: Week 2 of 522

To everyone who showed support to #Dream2026, you just earned additional 5 social life points.

Do the points have real world value? No, but if you need a friend to "heart" your Instagram photo or immediately report if you are tagged in a very unflattering candid shot in FB, just say the word and I can make it happen. 

Don't know what #Dream2026 is? Catch up by clicking on this link. No shame in being a late adapter. You are just fashionably late. My husband has also made me perpetually late so, again, no shame.

Trying to wake these two up always get responded with "Five more minutes" that turn to an hour.
But of course I had a few folks who were not a fan of it, saying that I will lose sight of this "dream" (yes, they used air bunnies, as if my 10-year goal was so unfathomable that it was not a valid dream) after 6 months, some tried to put me to my place saying I should be preparing for a family, while a bully of a friend pointed out that the average life expectancy of dogs makes my sweeping declaration of Aika being with me in 10 years is deeply unrealistic.

I will outlive you, non-believer!

Monday, June 06, 2016

The Birth of #Dream2026: Week 1 of 522

Shameless sweeping declaration.

10 years from now I will be lounging on the beach with a mai-tai on one hand and stroking Aika with the other, feeling happy, full of love in my heart, and free, while waiting for the husband as he finishes a leisure dive with a group of tourists.

DTM boy ready to blub-blub.

Was that too long of a run-on sentence that I confused and overwhelmed you? Longhairdontcare, I am feeling that passionate and uninhibited with what I want the universe to know.

Oh. And did I mention that I own and operate this beach front property as a self-sustainable B&B, that will provide good jobs for the locals and a relaxing Instagram-worthy getaway for the visitors? With our parents enjoying their retirement growing plants native to the area, still pressuring us to spawn offsprings, and our siblings staying with us as much as their own lives will allow.

This crazy bunch will be there.

Let me address a few points before I end this post.

  • No, I can't afford this dream. Yet. 
  • Yes, it is a dream that I will make into a reality in 10 years.
  • No, I have not lost my marbles and this is not powered by a late night moscato.
  • Yes, I am insanely scared especially now that I've made this commitment terribly real by publishing a blog post about it. But my objective in making this public knowledge is to (1) force my lazy as$ to do something about it and (2) light a fire in the same bottom so I will not bring shame in both House Ramos and House CasiƱo.
  • No, I will not fail.
  • Yes, I still have no frickin' idea how I will make this happen.
Immediate next steps? Complete weekly blog updates and create milestones for the next post.

Let me end the birth of my 10-year plan with Shia LaBeouf because I've used this gif both to get me through work on particularly busy days and also when I need an extra cheer to poo:
Thank you

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